1516 Adams Street / Phone: 419.243.6675

1516 Adams Street / Phone: 419.243.6675

Happy Hour on Thursdays

4p-7p Drink Specials | $2 off all Pub Fare & Small Plates

The Manhattan’s

Walk in to Manhattan’s and be surrounded by the warm ambience of exposed brick, oak and soft lighting of an intimate pub. Friends and strangers mingle around the horseshoe bar, and friendly staff welcome all comers to a momentary escape from the bustle of life.

Come For The

Let us delight you with food options that will exceed your expectations for Pub fare. We focus on freshness in all ingredients. We make nearly all items from scratch, including breads, sausages, and smoked meats, as well as dressings and desserts.

Stay For The

Manhattan’s is your gathering place. It is where friends get together, and regular people find new friends. Lovers meet for the first time, or come here for their first date. Soft background tunes, or talented soloists fill the rooms with rhythms’ that enhance spirited conversation.