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Summertime on Adams Street


Summertime on Adams Street

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Adams Street is a great place to watch spring become summer. Our neighborhood in Uptown Toledo in an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, storefronts, and apartments; and they all shine a little brighter when the sun comes out. Winter is gone and the mess that spring makes has been cleared to reveal sidewalks for strolling with your dog, streets full of skateboards and cyclists, and green spaces to enjoy a book or a game of soccer with friends.

Every year, even as the dining room quiets down due to neighborhood festivals, backyard cookouts, and family vacations, the sunshine guarantees the restaurant will host some patio people. From our vantage point at the intersection of Adams and Jackson Streets you can see the Hillcrest historic sign over the city scape, the Reading Room Park take shape in the lot across the street, children playing, and tenants grilling outside of the Chenney Flats.

Customers are discovering the locally owned shops across the street. Work weary office employees are meandering from 12th Street to 20th in search of a patio for Happy Hour. A few blocks away in either direction are new parks for residents and visitors alike.

Summer is a lightness in our step. The smell of thunderstorms on the wind. Freckles emerging from a long winter. It is the sound of the birds who have returned home giving us good reason, once again, to look up.

Even the summer events we host are so hopeful and emblematic of the optimism of seasons’ changing: graduation parties, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, baby showers, wedding receptions. But even among all that excitement, don’t forget to find a quiet opportunity to sit on the patio and stare at the sky.